Simply put, our mission is this: At Newspring, we envision becoming a place where unconvinced, unchurched, and uncommitted people become fully devoted followers of Christ. 

In order to achieve this dream, we envision the following:

…We will be a church that pursues excellence in every area.  From the pulpit ministry to the music to the children’s programs to the administration of the church, we refuse to be content with mediocrity.  If it can be done better, we will do it better.

…We will be a church that focuses on the family.  We will strive to create and maintain the most dynamic and exciting children’s’ programs available utilizing all potential avenues to make the church a place kids love to be.  We will also provide the most engaging and successful youth ministry in the area by challenging students to live the life God has destined them to live.

…We will be a church that disciples its members into fully committed followers of Christ through the use of various groups where relationships can be formed and accountability can be expected.  We will actively engage in the teaching of Biblical truth that is life changing and life affirming.

…We will be a church that focuses on building relationships within the body of Christ through regular fellowships and interpersonal interaction.  This will be accomplished by regularly scheduled outreaches and events, allowing the church to minister and fellowship together.

…We will be a church that impacts the Jenks and Tulsa Metro area with ministries designed to meet physical as well as spiritual needs.

…We will be a church that provides every resident within a three mile radius a clear explanation of the gospel.  We will actively engage others with no church affiliation in order to offer them hope found in God alone.
…We will be a church that is authentic and relevant to the people we target.  We will address real-life issues in a variety of settings.

…We will be a church that is constantly expanding the ministries and facilities in order to fulfill the needs of the Jenks and Tulsa Metro area.  We envision church that includes facilities and services for all ages.

…We will be a church that is not church as usual.  We will be a church where people with preconceived notions of religiosity will be freed in the liberty found in Christ.

…We will be a church that is constantly changing our methods while never compromising our Message.