Newspring Family Church began in September 1997 from the merger of two established congregations:  Airview Tabernacle Assembly of God and First Assembly of God, both in Jenks.  First Assembly of God began in the mid-1920s and became a thriving church with a strong community ministry. Airview Tabernacle was formed in the 1950s and moved to the west side of Jenks.  The two congregations existed for forty years in the small community.  Airview Tabernacle had a history of long tenured pastors.  F.C. Cornell, the founding pastor of Airview, pastored the church for 12 years.  His successor, C.C. Combs, pastored for more than 30 years. 

The churches began to discuss a merger when Pastor Larry Walker, pastor of First Assembly of God and a former associate of  Airview, began to meet with Pastor Combs in the mid 1990s as Rev.Combs was nearing retirement.  The congregations ratified the merger in September of 1997.  First Assembly vacated their building in downtown Jenks and moved to the facilities of Airview Tabernacle.  The church approved "Newspring" as its new name.  Pastor Walker remained for 8 months with Pastor Combs serving as associate. 

In October of 1998, Newspring contacted Pastor Mark Merrill.  At that time, Pastor Merril was serving as Senior Pastor of First Assembly of God, a thriving church in Muldrow, Oklahoma. Pastor Merrill had served as youth pastor in the same church before assuming the Senior Pastorate role.  Pastor Merrill accepted the invitation to become Newspring's Senior Pastor.  While Pastor Merrill served as pastor, the church experienced growth in all departments.   

Pastor Merrill resigned his position in May 2006.  In July 2006, Newspring elected Pastor Greg Ables to the position of Senior Pastor.  An experienced pastor, Rev. Ables has pastored churches in Arkansas and Kentucky.  Pastor Ables and his family relocated to the Jenks area following an incredible tenure at Faith Assembly in London, Kentucky.  Newspring looks forward to many great years to come under the leadership of Pastor Ables.                                        

God has also blessed Newspring financially allowing the church to purchase 42 acres of prime real estate in the Southwest corner of Tulsa.  This land, located at the intersection of the Creek Turnpike and Highway 75, is home to our new facility which was dedicated in March of 2003.  The new facility host children's and youth wings, a full office complex, daycare facilities, a coffee bar, a 500 seat auditorium and ample classroom space for an ever growing congregation.